Dr. Samina Taslim Zehra, Director General NIM's Message

The National Institute of Management (NIM), Karachi, (erstwhile NIPA), is one of the most prestigious public sector training institutes of Pakistan; imparting quality training and education to middle and senior level civil servants in the country since 1961.

The main goal of NIM is to build upon and refine the existing approaches towards public sector development and service delivery. We are fortunate to have an excellent blend of permanent and visiting faculty members, comprising of serving and retired academics and practitioners who are experts in their respective fields. NIM Karachi has also emerged as a pioneer in creating a state of the art virtual training environment in keeping with changing dynamics of the world.

NIM Karachi offers the Senior Management Course (SMC) for Grade 19 Officers of Government of Pakistan who are trained in Strategy implementation at the operational level; and how to shoulder responsibilities like strategy formulation upon their promotion. NIM also offers a Mid-Career Management Course (MCMC) for Grade 18 Officers with the objective of upgrading their skills and capacity at a tactical level. The objective is to bring about the right kind of attitudinal changes in addition to professional enhancement.

As Director General of the National Institute of Management, Karachi, I endeavor to prepare civil servants for optimum professional performance, better public service delivery and personal growth. I am confident that together we can accomplish the goal of optimizing public sector performance and play our role in the uplifting of Pakistan.