Rector NSPP's Message

National School of Public Policy (NSPP) and its Constituent Units are premier institutions for the study of public policy, management and related research and analysis in Pakistan aimed at improving the quality of pre and in-service training and education of civil services in the country.

National Institute of Management (NIM) Karachi, being a Constituent Unit of NSPP since 2005, has added value and brought commitment in its faculty and other training related services to improve the quality of training courses, through curricula, co-curricular events, participants’ extensive interactive involvement and a focus on excellence across every aspect of its programs under overall guidance of the NSPP. The courses offered are based on important training tools from tactical to strategic level for mid-career and senior level officers, which improve their understanding of the issues, analytical skills, and decision making based on evidence.

NSPP is determined to improve and achieve excellence in training, education and research and endeavor to make it a center of excellence and a think tank as we believe public service must create and deliver public values and win public trust.