Roshan Ali Shaikh, Director General NIM's Message

The National Institute of Management (NIM), Karachi is the most prestigious public sector training Institute imparting quality training to the civil servants of mid-career and senior level where greater focus of the training is on transformation of the very approach of civil servants towards their service and the public service delivery.

The NIM Karachi, erstwhile NIPA, is performing its role since 1961 and has over the time gathered a unique community of in-house and visiting faculty that can be certainly termed as the best available scholars and instructors in the country.

As Director General of the Institution, I am confident that the NIM Karachi will continue playing its role in a better and more effective way in equipping the civil servants with skills and tools to formulate rational policies and implement the same in an effective manner as well as bringing about a paradigm shift in the approach of the officers towards public service delivery.