Courses SMC


Capacity building of potential Grade 20 officers with a view to:-

  • Enhancing knowledge, skills, attitude and leadership ability to formulate, evaluate, implement and monitor public policies at STRATEGIC levels to improve service delivery.



  • To familiarize with the interplay of internal and external dynamics of system/s and its influence on governance
  • To develop enhanced understanding of social diversity and relevance to policy formulation and implementation
  • To provide knowledge on concepts and rules of governance
  • Familiarize with macro-economic factors influencing economic management and its future trends
  • Enhance operational comprehension of economic policies at the micro level
  • Equip with Research and Analytical skills for optimal output
  • To impart effective Project Management skills 
Areas of Transition
  • Vision (from Operational to Strategic)
  • Policy / Strategy formulation
  • Decision making or facilitation
  • Plan, implement, monitor various mechanisms
  • Presentation before apex forums



Previous SMC Schedules


Name of Course Date
1) 9th Senior Management Course 28th February – 16th July 2011
2) 10th Senior Management Course 5th September 2011 to 20th February 2012
3) 11th Senior Management Course 5th March to 21st July 2012
4) 12th Senior Management Course 17th September 2012 to 2nd February 2013
5) 13th Senior Management Course 18th March 2013 to 02nd August 2013
6) 14th Senior Management Course 16th September 2013 to 01st February 2014
7) 15th Senior Management Course 21st February 2014 to 11th July 2014
8) 16th Senior Management Course 8th September 2014 to 23rd January 2015
8) 17th Senior Management Course 23rd February to 10th July 2015
9) 18th Senior Management Course 24th August 2015 to 8th January 2015
10) 19th Senior Management Course 15th February to 1st July 2016
11) 20th Senior Management Course 15th August to 30th December 2016
12) 21th Senior Management Course 06th March to 21st July 2017
12) 22nd Senior Management Course 25th September 2017 to 12th January 2018
13) 23rd Senior Management Course 25th February to 15th June 2018
14) 24th Senior Management Course 27th August to 14th December 2018
15) 25th Senior Management Course 25th February to 14th June 2019
16) 26th Senior Management Course 02nd September to 20th December 2019
17) 27th Senior Management Course

24th February to 24th July 2020

(Including Term Break Due to COVID-19)

18) 28th Senior Management Course 26th October 2020 to 29th January 2021
19) 29th Senior Management Course 7th June 2021 to 10th September 2021
20) 30th Senior Management Course 15th November 2021 to 4th March 2022
21) 31st Senior Management Course 23rd May to 9th September 2022
22) 32nd Senior Management Course 07th November 2022 to 24th February 2023