Courses MCMC


To develop participants’ knowledge, skills and leadership potential so as to optimize efficiency, effectiveness and economy in public service processes for better service delivery at the operational/tactical level to create public value and win public trust.



  • To create understanding  of internal and external environment affecting planning and execution of public policy
  • To enhance understanding of administrative structure & challenges
  • To equip with basic management skills and performance management including performance measurement for better public service delivery
  • To develop their core functional competencies and capabilities in decision-making and problem-solving
  • To familiarize with economics and public finance concepts
  • To facilitate in conducting research, evaluation and analysis required in public policy


Previous MCMC Schedules

S.No. Name of Course Date Duration
1 15th  Mid Career Management Course 11th March  to 14th  June 2013 14 Weeks
2 16th  Mid Career Management Course  19th August  to 22nd  November 2013 14 Weeks
3 17th  Mid Career Management Course  06th January 2014  to 11th  April 2014 14 Weeks
4 18th  Mid Career Management Course  18th August  2014 to 21st  November 2014 14 Weeks
5 19th  Mid Career Management Course  05th January 2015 to 10th  April 2015 14 Weeks
6 20th  Mid Career Management Course  17th August 2015 to 20th  November 2015 14 Weeks
7 21st   Mid Career Management Course  01st February 2016 to 06th  May 2016 14 Weeks
8 22nd   Mid Career Management Course  22nd   August 2016 to 25th  November 2016 14 Weeks
9 23rd  Mid Career Management Course  20th  February 2017 to 26th  May 2017 14 Weeks
10 24th  Mid Career Management Course 21st  August 2017 to 24th  November 2017 14 Weeks
11 25th  Mid Career Management Course 01st   January 2018 to 06th  April 2018 14 Weeks
12 26th  Mid Career Management Course 06th  August - 09th November 2018 14 Weeks
13 27th  Mid Career Management Course 04th  February - 10th May 2019 14 Weeks
14 28th  Mid Career Management Course  19th  August - 22nd  November 2019 14 Weeks
15 29th  Mid Career Management Course 03rd   February - 08th  May 2020 14 Weeks
16 30th  Mid Career Management Course 05th  October to 11th  December 2020 10 Weeks
17 31st  Mid Career Management Course 01st  February – 09th  April 2021 10 Weeks
18 32nd  Mid Career Management Course 11th  October – 17th  December 2021 10 Weeks
19 33rd  Mid Career Management Course 14th  February - 22nd  April 2022 10 Weeks
20 34rd  Mid Career Management Course 20th  June to 26th  August 2022 10 Weeks