Courses SMC


Capacity building of potential Grade 20 officers with a view to:-

  • Enhancing knowledge, skills, attitude and leadership ability to formulate, evaluate, implement and monitor public policies at STRATEGIC levels to improve service delivery.



  • To familiarize with the interplay of internal and external dynamics of system/s and its influence on governance
  • To develop enhanced understanding of social diversity and relevance to policy formulation and implementation
  • To provide knowledge on concepts and rules of governance
  • Familiarize with macro-economic factors influencing economic management and its future trends
  • Enhance operational comprehension of economic policies at the micro level
  • Equip with Research and Analytical skills for optimal output
  • To impart effective Project Management skills 
Areas of Transition
  • Vision (from Operational to Strategic)
  • Policy / Strategy formulation
  • Decision making or facilitation
  • Plan, implement, monitor various mechanisms
  • Presentation before apex forums